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Development Progress on 2d Point and Click Adventure

There has been quite a bit of development on our newest game, a 2D point and click adventure. And it’s beginning to really take shape.

The overall development of the game currently sits at 70% complete, with chapter one 100% content complete. This includes all animations, voice work, music and bug testing etc.

Chapter two has also just entered 100% content complete, and is currently in bug testing.

Chapter three and four are still in development, and we will post more news in the coming days/weeks.

In the meantime, below are some screenshots of the game. Enjoy!



SMS Stables

SMS Hall 1

SMS Skully's Thrift Shop

SMS Water Area


Steam Greenlit


We are very excited this week as our game Kidnapped has been passed through Steam Greenlight, and has now been officially Greenlit.

Kidnapped Greenlight stats

Kidnapped Greenlit

As you can imagine, this news is very great for the game, as it helps solidify user interest and that people are excited as we are.

Furthermore, the final stats for Kidnapped was quiet staggering. In a mere 5 days on Greenlight, we managed to not only finished in the top 50 games, but the votes yes to no was 70% in favour of the game being on Steam.

This is indeed very encouraging for us as we continue to develop the game into its Alpha stage.

Current development is now roughly 70-75% complete, and are currently looking into developing the game for oculus rift, and are looking into producing a playstation and xbox version of the game.

We are hoping to show you more soon.


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