Deceptive Games

Deceptive Games is a video games development and publishing team working on creating high-end, quality games.

Our objective is to create deeply immersive video gaming experiences, and are continuously working on new intellectual properties to entertain, and enthral audiences.

We are a newly formed company, but our team has many years of experience making video games.


With an increasing list of work, our project list features a wide variety of genres, including horror, adventure, puzzle and action games for desktop PCs, mobile devices and gaming consoles.

  • Kidnapped

    Kidnapped is a psychological horror game where nothing is as it seems. Can you escape the ordeal?

  • Secret Monster Society

    A hand drawn 2D point and click comedy adventure.

  • Alone? (VR)

    A truely immersive horror experience for VR platforms.

  • The Initiate

    A Mystery Puzzle Game about a mysterious cult.

  • Silent Descent

    A Journey through purgatory, and a descent to Hell.


With years of experience, our mission is to create original video games to entertain the world. We develop, and publish video games for all platform. Want to know more, feel free to contact us.


specialising in:

Interactive Games

Consultation and Training

App Design and Development


Code Development


Want to check out our games as they are developed? This is the place for you. We give you insight into our games in development and even post helpful tutorials for you to learn from.

Our newest game, The Secret Monster Society has just entered Steam Greenlight. Show your support and vote for this game.

Come view some new screenshots from our upcoming game, The secret Monster Society.

Kidnapped Released

Our game kidnapped has launched on Steam. Want to know more?

We have collected some a new video and screenshots for our small horror game, 'Kidnapped'. Check them out here.




Our Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement

Our goal is to create high-end quality video games at a fraction of the cost. We believe that games should not only look and play great, but shouldn't have to cost millions to produce.

All our games are designed to give the player memorable experiences. Whether a great game mechanic or a fantastic story line, the player should feel connected to the game at all times.



Training and Help

Training and Help

We understand that people love to play games. But what about developing a game?

Well, if you wish to learn how to develop games yourself, or are looking for help with a project, we are always looking for something great.

Get in touch now.


Game Design

Your Idea, Our Know-How

Your Idea, Our Know-How

If you think you got a great idea for a game, then please feel free to reach out to us.

And, if we like the idea, we will develop the game (with you, or along with you), and maybe, you can even join our team.

Get in touch now.



Aid for the Indie Developer

Aid for the Indie Developer

Developed a game? Looking to get it out into the world? We can help. We have the experience and the know-how to get your game noticed.

Our team will not only help publicize your game, but can help in creating press releases, setting up accounts for retails sites and more.


We’re always looking to hear from you, if you have something to say to us, please write us!

+44 (0)1443 749 901

Ty Mentor,
Navigation Park,
South Wales, UK